Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Mystery Box Game!

Here all the rules for the Mystery Box!  I'll also post them in a tab at the top of the blog for easy access.

Mirabilia Minions Retreat Mystery Box Game


Note: This game is completely voluntary but if you do not create a mystery box to bring to exchange, you will not receive one.   This game is A LOT of fun and I encourage you to participate!

Rules:  Each Person creates a mystery box by buying one of each item off the list below.  These are very general items and should vary from person to person.  Then you wrap and number each item according to the list.  You place the wrapped items into a box or basket and bring it to the retreat.  Each person who brings a box will get to pick a different box and we will open the numbered gifts randomly throughout the retreat.  Hopefully, you will get to know the creator of your box as we go and the last parcel will be a card telling who made the box. 


1.      Your MUST-HAVE stitching accessory.

2.      Something Soft.

3.      Something Froggy (maybe by having frogs in our boxes, we won’t have them in our stitching!)

4.      An item in your favorite color.

5.      An embellishment for cross stitching of some sort.

6.      Something Hard.

7.      Something you find necessary for travel.

8.      A dozen of something.

9.      A skien of overdyed floss.

10.  A postcard of where you live that tells your name so that the recipient of your box will know who made it.


The total value of the boxes does not have to be significant.  Have fun and be creative in creating your box!

Also, a big thanks to Amanda at The Stitch Menagerie for creating a wonderful prize for our goody bags!

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  1. That is so cool! I am looking forward to doing this.