Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two week Countdown!

Hello Ladies! 
We are just TWO weeks from the retreat and I’m super excited!  I need to do a final count but I am fairly certain everyone will walk away with a door prize J
A couple of reminders:
 You are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages if you’d like.  I know a couple of ladies will be bringing extra but just letting you know.
There is still time to order a shirt if you’d like.  Seems like turnaround time is about a week including shipping.   You can customize size, color and style and 10% of sales go back towards the retreat.
Dinner will be catered by MacAllister’s Deli both nights and will be a baked Potato Bar Friday night and sandwich trays and chips on Saturday night.  Breakfast is provided by the hotel but you’ll be on your own for lunch.  There are tons of restaurants within 5 minutes of the hotel and a couple in the same parking lot that can be walked to.  Also, please feel free to bring a little goodie for the snack table.
We will also be setting us a stash swap table.   There are no rules centered around this.  Just drop off something you may not stitch and pick up something you might.  I just ask that no one person hog all the goodies.
I hope those who are choosing to make Mystery Boxes are having fun!  Please don’t feel pressured to make one if you don’t want to or can’t afford to.  I want everyone to just have fun!
I am putting together a box of goodies for Nora.  I’ve had several inquiries and yes, if you’d like to contribute something, it will be fine.  If not, no problem either J  If you choose to, let me know.
We are scheduled to start in the stitching room Friday afternoon at 3pm.  Please come early if you want as we will probably take over the little breakfast room until then.
The stitching room will have plenty of power strips and extension cords for those who need extra lighting.  The lighting isn’t super great so I encourage bringing a light if you have one.
As most of you know, a new Mirabilia pattern will be released just a couple of days before the retreat.  We will have the pattern available at the retreat for purchase and we will probably be among the first to get it.  But I need to let Wichelt know how many to send so if you’re interested in getting it at the retreat, please let me know so I can give them an accurate number to send J
There are only two rules for the retreat: 
Show respect and kindness to each of the other attendees and have fun!
Please call me if you’re delayed or something unexpected comes up and you cannot attend.  I don’t want to spend all weekend worrying if someone is MIA.
The local cross stitch store will be giving us 10% off our purchases.  I need to verify with Donna whether it is the whole weekend or on a certain day and I will be letting everyone know at the retreat.  We’re blessed to have several crafty ladies in our midst at the retreat so there should be a smorgasbord of hand-dyed fabrics and stitching accessories available for purchase from some of the ladies attending.
Thank you for attending and I’ll see you in 2 weeks!
Leslie LaFleur