Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nora is Coming!

Super excited that Nora Corbett will be joining us at the retreat!  Sooooo excited!

Don't forget to Book your room and also to send your deposit!

Also, please check out the page above for the rules for the Mystery Box game!  It's a ton of fun and helps us all get to know each other!

We are being sent generous gifts from Jo at Dinky Dyes, Sharon of Crescent Colors, and Cecelia from the Threadgatherer!  Please support these companies since they are supporting our retreat!

I'm working on a design for the teeshirts.  Since I've had several people express concern about the colors of the shirts, I'm going to upload the design to Zazzle so everyone can order their favorite color and size. 

I've been working on food and think we have a plan.  We will order in food for the evenings.  We will set up a table in our little lobby area so if you want to bring snacks to share, there will be a place :)  Wonder what yummy treats I will come up with to bring!

Leslie and Kathy

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