Thursday, February 21, 2013

An Update with lots of info!

Hello Everyone!  We are officially less than 60 days out from the first Mirabilia Minions Retreat!!!!!!!  I’m sending out this email to make sure that everyone has some of the basic information and to tell you about some fun things going on!

                First, Super EXCITED that Nora is coming!!!!!!!!!  How great is that?!?!  She’s said she would be happy to sign patterns for those who want her to but since we want her to enjoy the retreat too; we are limiting it to two patterns per person.  I’ll be working with her to figure out a time both days for her to sign patterns so it’s fairly organized.

                Second, don’t forget the Mystery Box!!!!!  I’ll add a copy of the rules at the bottom of this email.  This game is a ton of fun so I encourage everyone to participate!  Kathy and I are working on a special box just for Nora J

                If you want to stitch a nametag, please feel free!  I’ll hopefully stitch myself one!  If not, I’ll have name tags so we can use them the first night at least to get to know each other’s names.

                A couple of little things:  I’ll be setting up a stash swap table and a snack table.  Do you make an infamous brownie or have grandma’s awesome snickerdoodle recipe?  Bring them to share!  We will have some chips and crackers and things like that but please feel free to bring other treats to share! 

The Hotel is BYOB.  They do not have a liquor license so you cannot buy alcohol at the hotel but you are allowed to bring it with you if you want.  I know a couple of ladies are bringing wine and beer so be advised that there will be alcohol there and please feel free to bring some with you if you’d like.  For those who do not drink alcohol, I’m going to bring a couple of cases of bottled water and we will have tea and lemonade with dinner both nights.  The hotel does have vending machines for those who prefer cokes or you’re welcome to bring your own.  For dinner Friday night, we will be having a baked potato bar and for dinner Saturday we are having sandwich trays with potato salad and chips delivered.   I know several people will be out and about Saturday and I wanted to make it easy for everyone to eat whenever they get hungry.

Teeshirts have been designed and are available for purchase from  Immediately after I send this email, I will email a link to the shirts.  Don’t feel obligated to buy a shirt, but if you do decide to purchase, zazzle will give 10% of your order back to the retreat to be used towards door prizes and stuff like that.  The neat thing about the teeshirts is that you can change the style, color and size of the shirt to whatever you want! 

The Local shop in the Greenville area is called Panda’s Crossing.  They have lots of Miras and TONS of beads!  While you are welcome to go anytime during the retreat, they will open especially for us Sunday for a couple of hours and they are offering a 10% discount on all purchases that day!

I’m still waiting on deposits from a few people.  You know who you are!  Please get them to me ASAP so I can order a few more things for our giveaways and stuff!  We’ve been BLESSED to receive donations from: Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery, Wichelt, American Dreams, K’s Creations, Laurel’s Stitchery, The Stitch Menagerie, Down Sunshine Lane, Needlepoint Inc, Panda’s Crossing, Under the Sea Fabrics, Dinky Dyes, Crescent Colors and more that I can’t remember at this moment!  Please support the businesses supporting us!  The way things are going, there might be a door prize for every person as well as goodie bags we’re putting together!

For those who are flying in, please send me your arrival and departure times and which airline you are flying on so I can set up either shuttle service or work out airport rides and car buddies.  I don’t want anyone to have to rent a car unless they want to.

Check in time on Friday the 19th is 3pm and that is also when the room will be available for us to stitch.  We should be able to use the room pretty continuously until Sunday morning when we all pack up to head home.  I know some of us are coming in early or staying late.  The little lounge/breakfast area is available to stitch in for those who want to use it.  The hotel also has an indoor pool and small fitness center.  Check out is 11am Sunday the 21st and the cost of the room includes a nice breakfast.  There are several restaurants within a couple of blocks of the hotel if you decide to go to lunch or have dinner elsewhere.

I’ve been asked a couple of times and I’m going to go ahead and answer the question here:  No, there will not be any classes.  Aside from when dinner is being delivered, there isn’t really a schedule either.  I want everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.  J

Thanks for joining us!  I will send out another email in a month or so with reminders and stuff!

I will post this info to the retreat website as well!

~ Leslie and Kathy


Mirabilia Minions Retreat Mystery Box Game



Note: This game is completely voluntary but if you do not create a mystery box to bring to exchange, you will not receive one. This game is A LOT of fun and I encourage you to participate!


Rules: Each Person creates a mystery box by buying one of each item off the list below. These are very general items and should vary from person to person. Then you wrap and number each item according to the list. You place the wrapped items into a box or basket and bring it to the retreat. Each person who brings a box will get to pick a different box and we will open the numbered gifts randomly throughout the retreat. Hopefully, you will get to know the creator of your box as we go and the last parcel will be a card telling who made the box.



1. Your MUST-HAVE stitching accessory.


2. Something Soft.


3. Something Froggy (maybe by having frogs in our boxes, we won’t have them in our stitching!)


4. An item in your favorite color.


5. An embellishment for cross stitching of some sort.


6. Something Hard.


7. Something you find necessary for travel.


8. A dozen of something.


9. A skien of overdyed floss.


10. A postcard of where you live that tells your name so that the recipient of your box will know who made it.



The total value of the boxes does not have to be significant. Have fun and be creative in creating your box!