Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's getting Closer..

To the holidays and the new year!  I've decided to postpone the deadline for deposits until January 31st, 2013.  I know the holidays are crunch time and money can be tight.  Please email me at Leslie.LaFleur@gmail.com to get info about sending your deposit.  I'll be posting the Mystery Box list tonight. 

The way a mystery box works:
A numbered list of items is sent out or posted.
Each person buys one of each item (they are very general in nature)
Then, you wrap each of the items and number them according to the list.
Put the wrapped items in a box or basket.
At the retreat, all of the participants will pick a random mystery box from the stack of boxes and we will call numbers randomly throughout the retreat.

It's fun to guess what is in the different packages and who created your box.

Laurel's Stitchery has created an AWESOME prize to be given away as a raffle or door prize.  Many Thank Yous to Laurel!  Please help support the companies and shops that are supporting our retreat!